I’ve decided that in addition to a decent diet and trying to cook more at home, I’m going to start exercising more often. My friend Dario is in really good shape and offered to let me come with him a few of his friends to work out with them. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s time to change. I’ve been fat most of my life and I’m tired of it. Taco Bell was the first step, exercise is going to be the second.

Or I’ll just sit on my ass and eat Cheetos. That works too. 


This weekend kicks off ECE Pulse, a competition that takes place once a year. There’s prizes and it’s always a great time. And just when I thought people were done messing with me, ECE Pulse brings in hundreds of crunchy tacos for the competition. I feel like they’re not doing this on purpose, but this with the Kimberly-Clark tech talk catering, it’s hard to think otherwise.


Life has been pretty normal recently. I don’t miss Taco Bell, people haven’t tried to mess with me today. This doesn’t make for very interesting blogging, but I’m no longer craving it like I used to.


Today marks the official halfway point of my journey! Honestly I feel better and life is pretty good, but I’m still lamenting the loss of the Grilled Stuft Nacho. 

I feel like I should get a sobriety chip for this or something, it’s kind of a big deal. 

15 more days, and then I’ll binge one day, but maybe I don’t need Taco Bell that much after all. For real this time, I know I’ve said that before.


Bianca, if you’re reading this, you’re the worst. :( 

For those of you that don’t know, Bianca and like five more of my friends from AAA (The Asian American Association, not the Auto Insurance club) went to Taco Bell and took a very detailed picture and posted it on my wall. Now I’m definitely not going to Fashion Show. 

Why is everyone against me. 


I recently found out there are, not one, but two Taco Bells on campus. There’s one on University, which is your standard 2 a.m drunk munchies stop, and there’s this high-end one on Neil Street. Well, as high-end as a Taco Bell can be, but it’s got nice furniture, and a great outside design and just looks better, I think it’s part of a new redesign the entire franchise is going through. It’s so far off campus but one day I’ll go there…one day.

Well, in the midst of this challenge, my “friends” Kavya, Matt, and Dan decided to drive to this Mexican Mansion and get Taco Bell right around the time of my halfway mark.

I swear I wouldn’t be doing this if what little credibility I had wasn’t on the line…


I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad, but either way I’m sad. After a great month or two, Taco Bell has decided to remove the $1.29 Grilled Stuft Nacho from its menu. I just shed a single MSG-filled tear. RIP my friend, even if it feels like we’ve only just met, may our paths cross one more.

WHY, TACO BELL? WHY MUST YOU DESTROY EVERYTHING I LOVE? From the Volcano menu to the Beefy Crunch Burrito (with beans of course), PepsiCo seems to have this knack for killing the things that make me happy.

…maybe this is a good thing. If there’s nothing left on the menu worth eating, I might just stop eating there altogether.


Never mind, I really want a 7 layer burrito with Baja Sauce. February 28th why can’t you come sooner?


As much as it pains me to say it, I’m realizing I don’t need Taco Bell at all. Yeah, it tastes good and it’s conveniently located, but beyond that it’s just another place that I enjoy eating at. There are others, and I can cook if I need to. But I really don’t need it.

I still want it, but maybe not as much as before.


A couple of things happened today. I saw Miky at Cocomero where she works. It’s nice messing with her. Her co-worker and I talked for a bit about how bad of an employee she is (just kidding, she’s great and you should all go buy bubble tea when it’s warmer).

Also, Reed came back! Reed’s a friend of mine whom I met at ACM in Siebel last year. He’s currently working at Google, on the (lol) Google+ team. I think 40% of the active user base is just his team. Maybe closer to 100%, but I can’t say for sure. We went to Black Dog. It’s this awesome BBQ place in downtown Urbana. I can’t even eat most of the stuff (it’s beef), but with what I can eat, I think the best part about living in Urbana is Black Dog. I would never need Taco Bell if I had Black Dog…or if you slathered Chalupas in Carolina Red sauce they’d probably just be immediately better. Also, it takes around 32 minutes from releasing burnt ends to running out of burnt ends there.

On the way to Black Dog we passed Taco Bell…but I ain’t even mad Black Dog is so good.

I really like Black Dog.

xoxo Sunny